Sarah Jarosz and Jeff Picker - Joye! in Aiken Festival
Sarah Jarosz and Jeff Picker at the Joye! in Aiken Festival. March 9, 2023

Sarah Jarosz at Joye in Aiken

This was our fourth time seeing Sarah play in some incarnation or another. We’ve seen her once alongside Aoife O’Donovan and Sara Watkins in their band I’m With Her. This time around she cycled through guitar, mandolin and banjo for 90 minutes alongside her bassist fiance Jeff Picker.

The Joye in Aiken festival has had some amazing musicians come through the area in their 15 years of holding the festival. I’m shocked more people aren’t taking the opportunity to participate in what they are pulling off consistently every year. I’d definitely follow them on Facebook or get on their mailing list so you can see who they bring our way next year.

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