The North Augusta Greeneway
From one of our early training runs on the North Augusta Greenway in early December 2022

Childers to 5K #c25k

On November 27, 2022 our family started running together with the goal of running a 5k race in 2023. A few days in we selected and registered for the 5K portion of the Augusta Half Marathon.

Sarah and I have done a few runs together over the years but we’ve never really done much training intentionally leading up to the event. I’ve enjoyed the process way more than I’d have expected and it has been especially rewarding to reflect on the progress we made from day to day and week to week.

Tonight’s run was the last of our training program and our race is just over a week away. If the weather will stay as nice as it has been this week, we’ve got just enough time to squeeze in a few extra runs between now and then.

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